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Multi-Channel Marketing

When you have a great video, it only makes sense to share it with as large an audience as possible, across all channels you have access to. Appropriately edited to best fit each context, incorporated cutting edge technique like 3D visualization and such, a single video can be used on a product page, as part of an email marketing campaign, across your company’s social media profiles, and more. And if you require help managing these channels, we’d be glad to help to ensure your audience expands and your ROI increases.

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Video Resources for Sales Teams

Tasked with discovering new leads, making the rounds at trade shows, and driving conversion, your sales team deserves every tool you can provide them. By equipping them with compelling marketing videos, product videos, and how-to videos, their ability to communicate the value of your product/service is greatly amplified and more conversions follow. Our powerful 3D product and marketing videos have proven indispensable to many sales forces in the past.

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Increased Presence on YouTube/Social Media

Developing a sizable following on social media can be a boon for companies of all sizes and industries by fostering brand awareness and even generating leads. Eye-catching and easy-to-share, product videos can help a brand grow their social media presence more effectively than any other content. A creative 3D product video with the right visuals, content, and music, can become a hit and result in a surge of followers. In short, one great video, can result in multiple returns.

Recent Projects

Toshiba Tecra® C40
ViewSonic VP Series Monitors
D-Link AC5300 Ultra Wi-Fi Router

What We Do

These are some of the services we provide.
Service - Product Video
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Product Videoclose

Even at their best, spec sheets can only go so far in explaining what your product is and why customers should be in interested in it. Whether your product is big or small, simple or complex, our experienced video team can depict it at its very best through 3D graphics, motion graphics, script creation, original musical composition, and more.

Service - Overview Videos
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Does your company provide a service that can be a bit complicated to explain in an elevator pitch? Such complexities are far more easily explained through the medium of video. SimpliMotion excels at producing videos that powerfully communicate the benefits and advantages of your service.

Service - Training Video
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Training Videoclose

More effective than outdated training manuals and far more economical than in-person training events, training videos enable companies to educate their employees regularly and efficiently. From videos covering technical procedures to best sales practices, SimpliMotion has produced engaging training videos for a diverse range of clients.

Service - Short-Form Videos
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Short-Form Videosclose

Advertising on social media can be a powerful and cost-effective means of getting your brand out there, but in order to capture people’s attention as they scroll through their newsfeed, your messaging needs to stand out. SimpliMotion produces eye-catching, succinct, and impactful short form videos that communicate everything your prospects need to know, in just a few seconds.

Service - Crowd Funding Video
Crowd Funding Videomore_vert

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Crowd Funding Videoclose

The leading crowdfunding platforms agree – campaigns with videos are far more likely to reach their goals than those without. With an impressive portfolio of successful campaign videos under our belt, SimpliMotion excels at producing pitch videos that compelling communicate the big ideas behind your product. Our 3D modeling and animation expertise is especially effective with technology-related projects.

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Based in Costa Mesa, California, SimpliMotion specializes in 3D animation and motion graphics to create impactful videos for companies big and small. Powered by an infinitely creative staff, SimpliMotion offers original script creation, music composition, and voiceover to deliver original and engaging videos created from the ground-up.

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