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The videos below can be licensed for your commercial use in media coverage, business content, or however else you see fit. Licensing rates depend on duration and how you’ll use the licensed footage. Contact us for individual pricing details.
Coming Soon Infection Prevention. The Invaluable N95.
A disposable, airtight mask that covers the mouth and nose, the N95 respirator has become emblematic of the pandemic response around the world. In this video, we explain the science behind the N95 mask, how it filters out dangerous particles and why it’s so crucial during medical emergencies.
Resolution: 4K, Duration: 1:15min, HDR: Available
Coming Soon The Art of Dessert
Our cameras capture professional confectionary chefs putting the finishing touches on a variety of colorful desserts for footage that looks good enough to eat.
Resolution: 4K, Duration: 1:15min, HDR: Available