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Simplimotion celebrates the success of Kettering’s Dream Room New immersive experience provides holistic healing to patients.
Costa Mesa, California, May 2019

Simplimotion has completed work on the Dream Room for the Kettering Health Network’s Brain and Spine Practice. The new building houses a state-of-the-art treatment facility that specializes in multi-disciplinary healing for brain and spine diseases.

In order to provide a more comforting environment for their patients, Kettering Health commissioned Simplimotion to build a unique virtual experience. The Dream Room was designed as a place where patients can relax during their time at KHN. Using 3 wall projection and edge blending technology, Epson projectors create an immersive spectacle that allows visitors to enjoy beautiful scenery from around the world. These video adventures are 8-10 minutes each and feature various natural locales including famous mountains, forests and beaches.

This high-tech care solution was developed as part of KHN’s efforts to create a more patient -centric healthcare experience. Hospital stays can be quite stressful for patients, exacerbating their health issues and slowing their recovery. The Dream Room provides a way to make treatment more pleasant and help people return to health faster by tending to the spirit as well as the body.

The Dream Room is the latest example of Kettering Health Network’s thoughtful application of technology to improve hospital conditions. Founded by the famous inventor, Mr. Charles Kettering, finding new and beneficial uses for technological advances has always been a part of the organization’s ethos. Dr. Phillip Boarman, the Operations Director of Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, & Pain Management describes the Dream Room as “characteristic of our innovative and holistic approach to healing.”

The Dream Room services all patients at Kettering Health Network’s Brain and Spine Practice in Kettering Ohio. You can learn more about the new facility at


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