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Simplimotion Helps OneSource Accomplish Major Rebranding New Marketing Campaign Recognized for Outstanding Execution
Costa Mesa, California, September 2019

The electrical distribution company OneSource has recently undertaken a major rebranding effort with revamped advertising across the business. According to OneSource’s Senior Marketing Manager, Tasha Hicks, the goal of the new campaign was to empower salespeople by creating marketing materials that are succinct and easy to use.

Simplimotion contributed to this initiative by providing slick explainer videos to help salespeople and customers alike. Following the new guidelines, Simplimotion worked to develop video that were clear and concise while retaining their characteristic visual flair. Among the materials developed were an extensive series of interviews with key department heads, and technical deep dives covering OneSource’s newest product offerings.

Video played a crucial role in accomplishing OneSource’s objective of increased marketing clarity. Simplimotion made sure to prominently display OneSource’s new logo across a wide range of marketing, explainer and tutorial videos to help reinforce brand recognition. The content was designed to be simple and accessible, taking full advantage of the visual medium to break down complex subjects. By supplementing written collateral with online videos, OneSource was able to improve information retention and brand engagement amongst sales staff and customers.

OneSource’s marketing efforts have been acclaimed as some of the best in the August issue of The Electrical Distributor Magazine, one of the leading publications in the industry. They described OneSource’s new campaigns as “highly strategic and creatively executed”, an award worthy success at modernizing the brand. When asked about the importance of video in OneSource’s marketing plan, Tasha Hicks replied “We’re always striving to provide a clean, open feel to all our communications and video is the perfect medium to accomplish that!”


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